Glorification Through the Better Covenant

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Reid Satterfield - March 17, 2024
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There is more continuity between our present lives and our future resurrection than we tend to think. What we do now matters for what we will do in the age to come. Already, God has started the process of glorification—bringing us more and more into his image through the Spirit. This glory does not come through the law, which was powerless to produce life in the old covenant. Indeed, those who were under the law were unable to not sin. The law only magnified the sin of humanity, so that one day, God’s mercy would be magnified even more. In this way, the Law created the context for the cross. It revealed both the depth of our sin and, much more, the Father’s love. Hezekiah’s selfish outlook at the end of a generally exemplary life under the law shows the heights of the law’s potential. But in the new covenant, we are raised up into unfathomable glory. In Christ, we are able not to sin. Through his Spirit, we are empowered to walk in resurrection life today.

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