Innocence Restored

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David Brown - April 7, 2024
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Out of the innocence that he shared in himself—Father, Son, and Spirit— God made us in love to enter into the beautiful dance of holiness. We use metaphor to get a sense of the magnificence, but God’s holiness is beyond anything we can conceive. He has never tasted, touched, spoken, or thought anything impure. It was impossible for humans to walk with such a God under the old covenant. But in the new covenant, Jesus—our better high priest under the order of Melchizedek—makes a way for us to become holy as he is holy. He restores our innocence, not through the law, but by giving us a new heart and a new spirit. The church has often failed to emphasize the innocence that comes freely by grace through Christ. Behavior change is the result of our walk with God—not the other way around. When we understand this purity that is ours in Christ, we will not only live it out but also look for it in our brothers and sisters. There are three practices we can use to cultivate this life of innocence in Christ: (1) worship in spirit and in truth; (2) learn our identity in Christ; and (3) welcome community in to help remind us of our innocence.

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