The Claims of Jesus

The Claims of Jesus

His claims are substantial and how you respond to these claims will direct your life, now and forever, one way or another.

1. Jesus claims to be Savior

He claimed to be the savior of the world, the “Messiah” in Jewish terminology. All who believe in Him by following Him are fully reconciled with God through the forgiveness of one’s sins, which are the unrighteous actions and inclinations that constitute rebellion against God. This forgiveness saves one from condemnation in the coming judgement and subsequent destruction of the world and then welcomes one into the coming renewal of the world with God fully reigning in peace and harmony. (John 3:16-21; 4:1-42)

2. Jesus claims to be Satisfying

Jesus claimed to be the Bread of Life, the one whom we all are fed by and satisfied and from. In believing in Jesus we are now connected with God who supplies our life with the deepest of satisfactions, joy unspeakable, companionship closer than any other, so we now have souls that no longer lack for anything. In believing in Him and opening ourselves up to His Spirit, we find we overflow with life, springing through and out of us like a bubbling spring. (John 6:1-51)

3. Jesus claims to be Reality

In a world marked by lies, half-truths and confusion, Jesus claims to be the Truth. All that is true, all that is real, begins in Him and ends in Him. He claims that we cannot know these things unless we come to Him and follow His way. As we do, we begin to understand life and its meaning, and settle into a purpose that is connected to creation itself. Once we know the truth Jesus reveals to us, we are set free from all the lies that we had been told and previously believed. We come to realize that we are loved. We experience being cared for. We are filled with a powerful sense of purpose and hope. Our anxieties diminish as life’s discrepancies and dis-integrities, often unconscious in our awareness, begin to make sense in Jesus. (John 8:12-30; 14:6)

4. Jesus claims to be God

Jesus made clear that He comes from God, not sent like messenger or an angel, but generating out of God Himself in the very form and nature of man. In Jesus was synthesized both God and man. God revealed Himself as the great “I am that I am”, fully Himself and fully conscious to all, in all. Jesus claimed that same essence. Being also fully human, He helps us all to become fully who we are as we come to know who He is; no longer unknown, but fully known by God. (John 8:31-59; John 10:22-39)

5. Jesus claims to be Illumination

Much of our motives, thoughts and nature remains hidden to us, yet Jesus claims to help us to see what these are. Jesus claims to be the Light of the World. We see intentions that are both good within and evil. He also reveals God to be merciful, a forgiving Father who will heal the evil within ourselves. His light, then, is to reveal God to us. As we live in this light, our lives are filled with love and the works we do in the life become good, redeeming, and glorious. As we live this way, we too become lights to the world, revealing what is right and good to others. (John 9:1-41)

6. Jesus claims to be the Good Shepherd

All need guidance. All need one who cares for them. Many claim to guide us well but few do. Jesus claims to be the one who shepherds us well: into life-giving purpose and relationships, into eternally rewarding choices and always into restful and sustaining times with God. Additionally, Jesus protects us. Evil is real and evil is actively set against God’s creation. Many knowingly and unknowingly partner with evil, leading others astray and into danger. Jesus protects against such forces keeping our souls able to remain at peace and full of love, even when our lives are at risk. We can therefore always be at rest when with Jesus. (John 10:1-21)

7. Jesus claims to be Life itself

Before Jesus was killed, He claimed He would be raised from the dead. He thus claimed that death as we know it is a less powerful entity and less substantial than the life He offers. Thus when Jesus was resurrected, He revealed that our lives here on earth are not our final lives. There is more to become aware of and there is more to come. Our identity is no longer defined by death. Instead, we are those who give life through Jesus within us. Jesus claimed healing over various sicknesses and ailments, over fear and guilt and shame. Jesus therefore gives us a new reality to live and hope in. He gives a power greater than all other powers. (John 11:1-46)

8. Jesus claims to be the ultimate Guide

We all live based upon values and beliefs and rituals, even when unaware of what these are. Society and culture create ways of living that shepherd communities toward some destination. Jesus claimed that the best way of life, the way to God, is through knowing Him. What could be greater than knowing, experientially and intimately, God? Jesus showed that in His way, humans can be buoyant through stress, lighthearted through adversity, and forgiving and gracious toward enemies and pain. He showed that peace and harmony are available. He showed that joy is sustainable and that love overcomes everything. He showed us that He is the Way. (John 13:31-14:6)

Each of these claims touch on the core elements of what it means to fundamentally be human. They also point to a decision all must reconcile with: God came to save you. Jesus claimed we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory God purposed for us. He also claimed that God wants to forgive those sins and heal the causes of them. This will require you to be willing to give up all you know and believe along the way of following Jesus. It is no small thing. However, if you take Jesus seriously, and learn from Him, you will find that all along He has taken you seriously, even to the point of dying for you. He longs to know you and for you to know Him. Will you begin this journey with Him?