The Upward Walk

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David Brown - March 24, 2024
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Jesus is making us priests and sending us out as springs to revive a thirsty world. Hebrews 6 gives a word on our priestly call that only the mature can hear and heed. Abram is our father in the faith—and yet, he was an infant in the kingdom compared to what we have in the new covenant. Because of his special calling from God, he carried a magnified influence, so that his obedience spread great blessing and his disobedience yielded great chaos. We, too, carry this responsibility. The greater the revelation you walk in, the greater the consequences of your revelation in those around you—for good or for evil. As priests, we have the opportunity to sow from our heavenly identity and reap the rewards of heaven. But if we sow from our earthly nature, we reap chaos in our life and in those around us. Much havoc has come from those who have received blessing from God and turned toward evil. The outcome of Abram’s action toward Hagar (in her rejection) and Isaac (in his sacrifice) show the seismic effects of what we do with God’s blessing. When we recognize what God is doing in our midst and partner with him, God spreads waves of blessing out into the world through us.

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