Emotionally Regulating with the Holy Spirit

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David Brown - April 14, 2024
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On the cross, Jesus shows how we can face the most intense pressure and yet remain buoyant and pure through the power of God. The apostle Paul received this kind of buoyancy. In his deep affliction, the Father spoke comfort from his heart into Paul’s heart through the Spirit. God gives us this comfort so that we can give others the same comfort when they go through afflictions. This affliction can bring us totally beyond our natural capacity, where we “despair of life itself.” And yet, in this place of emptying, which feels like emotional crisis, we can latch onto Christ’s innocence and receive life from him. Because Christ endured trauma on our behalf, those who have experienced trauma can receive comfort and freedom through him. But to receive this Christ-given stability, we have to release control and our own way of doing things. By identifying fully with him, we begin to see our sufferings as opportunities to bring comfort to others.

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