God’s Will In You

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David Brown - June 30, 2024
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The primary question at the core of humanity is: do I have what it takes to love and be loved by God? The resounding answer from Scripture is yes—and it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with what Jesus has done and given you. In Christ, we settle the question once and for all in our hearts, receiving his innocence and walking with a clean conscience. Though he has “abolished the law of commandments expressed in ordinances,” we often let “little laws” rise up as our standard and supercede what Jesus has offered. Whenever we try to compensate for our shortcomings by overworking and proving ourselves, it is evidence that we are walking in a legalistic spirit instead of the freedom of a clean conscience. The law makes us conscious of our sin; but Christ sets us free to focus on him and receive his all-sufficient grace. When we surrender to God, we will have what it takes to follow him—just as Jesus fulfilled the will of God in Gethsemane through an act of surrender.

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