Hope Fulfilled

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David Brown - June 16, 2024
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Like a seed, our identity has been planted in us by Jesus. But the fullness of who we are will not be revealed until Jesus is fully revealed. When he returns, we will see him as he is—and then, we will see ourselves as we really are. By hoping in this reality, we become more like Jesus. Our call as children of God is to continually set hope before us—and to nurture that hope—so that we grow more fully into the image of Jesus. He is the One who helps the weak with gentleness and justice; and as we hope in him, we, too, take on the identity of those who bring light to those in darkness. Hope, however, is not passive. Hope is an active waiting on God in anticipation of something happening. Just as Gideon acted on the word that was spoken over him, we must move forward by faith until it is brought into fulfillment.

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