Processing Prophecy

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David Brown - March 3, 2024
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As a church, we help reveal God and his plans to the world. We do this by receiving and discerning his voice through the Scriptures and prophecy. When we read Scripture in the Spirit, with an aim to know Jesus, God speaks his living and active Word into our lives. Through prophecy, God predicts what is ahead or discloses what is in our hearts as we follow the “true north” of the trustworthy Scriptures. Ultimately, prophecy is given by God to conform us into the image of his Son. But we will miss the value of prophecy if we abuse, misuse, or manufacture It according to our own wishes, needs, or attachments. As Jesus did for Peter, we must let God reveal his own way to us through prophecy—a way that often contradicts our natural understanding. We safeguard a healthy practice of the prophetic by giving, receiving, and testing everything in the midst of Spirit-filled community

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