Strengthening Our Foundation

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David Brown - May 26, 2024
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As Abraham was called to leave the land of his fathers, God is calling us as a church to serve as forerunners—to go off the map of our comfort— so that we can reveal Christ’s coming kingdom to the world. In order to help people taste and see what it’s like to follow Jesus, we must expand our capacity to receive revelation and hear the voice of God. In his earthly ministry, Jesus spoke in parables to teach people to seek him personally and not rely on their intellectual prowess for knowing God. If we aren’t careful, we can adopt a rationalistic Western mindset that makes us miss Christ’s message through pictures, images, and creation—just as the Pharisees missed the meaning of the parables. But if we will step out of our discomfort and build our foundation fully on Christ, he will lead us into new dimensions of healing, wholeness, and reconciliation.

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