Walking with God and Melchizedek

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David Brown - March 10, 2024
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From the beginning, God called us to serve as priests, to spread the beauty and delight of the Father and his garden to all of creation. But our priesthood doesn’t fall under the Levitical system of the old covenant, which was tied to the Law. Hebrews 5 shows us that God had established another priesthood through Melchizedek, the king of peace, who freely blessed Abraham with bread and wine. It is in this priesthood that Jesus came, welcoming us into the new covenant with an extravagant feast. Though we drift from the pure call on our life like Abraham, God blesses us still with the broken body and poured out blood of Christ. Through this blessing, we ourselves becomes priests that spread life to the world. By embracing our priestly call in Christ, we bring blessing and peace to the world, just as Melchizedek blessed Abraham with bread and wine.

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