You Become Like What You Worship

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David Brown - June 2, 2024
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Worship transforms the soul. The Scriptures say that heaven’s gates are made of pearls—the beautiful outcome of enduring difficulty. Similarly, when we worship God through our difficulties, he forms something beautiful in us. This is the transforming power of worship: we become like whatever we worship. When we worship idols, we become static and dull. But when we look to Jesus, even through suffering, we take on his innocence and resurrection life. Such worship is available to us always and everywhere through the Spirit. We don’t have to limit our worship to physical locations “made by human hands.” In the new covenant, we ourselves are temple of the living God—living and breathing vessels of worship. As we choose, even in the midst of pain, to bow down and worship every day, Jesus lifts up our heads and gives us the kiss of life. He forms in us a beautiful pearl that over time becomes so precious that it transforms not only our lives but the lives of those around us.

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