You Have What It Takes

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David Brown - June 23, 2024
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In Christ, we have superpowers latent within us—the fullness of God, the resources of heaven, the power of the Spirit. And it is the approval of God through a clean conscience that unlocks it. As Nietzsche theorized in the nineteenth century, we all try to attain superhuman strength—but in a sinful and fallen world, we often find that we don’t have what it takes. Though this sense of failure is humbling, it is actually the gateway to accessing superior power. As soon as we die to the image of becoming the “superman” on our own, we take on Christ’s superior life and receive access to his ever-present power through the approval he won for us in the cross and resurrection. The more we let go of fading sources of hope and cling to Christ, the more we will walk in a constant sense of God’s approval over our life—and with it, the fullness of his victorious power.

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