Innocence Restored

7 April 2024 – Out of the innocence that he shared in himself—Father, Son, and Spirit—God made us in love to enter into the beautiful dance of holiness.

Identity Matters

31 March 2024 – In the Christian world, it’s easy to celebrate Easter and miss the meaning of the resurrection.

The Upward Walk

24 March 2024 – Jesus is making us priests and sending us out as springs to revive a thirsty world.

Processing Prophecy

3 March 2024 – As a church, we help reveal God and his plans to the world. We do this by receiving and discerning his voice through the Scriptures and prophecy.


25 February 2024 – Since the beginning, God has desired face-to-face, intimate relationship with his people.

Step Into The River

11 February 2024 – Genesis 1 shows that where God’s Spirit hovers, he brings life.